The production of video content has since become more and more important as a video has gradually become an indispensable marketing tool for any business. One fact clearly shows:

    –    Text and images cannot compete with video in building trust and engagement.

    –    The proof is that 80% of people prefer watching a video about a product rather than reading about it.

This means that, if you only rely on written descriptions of the product, you are at your own high risk. Maybe you will lose the attention of 4/5 potential customers.

So, what if competitors provide similar information in a more compelling video?

Certainly, you will encounter many challenges!

Fortunately, there are many ways to make videos for YouTube content and get them to the right audience. As a result, large online users are growing to embrace this new expectation.

One of the prime examples here is,  image-focused platforms like Facebook and Instagram, etc., have also gradually grown into video dominance sites. Typically, you can see a lot of recent video playback features on Facebook.



You cannot ignore the funny animals on the Internet.


Especially they appear quite a lot on the Facebook newsfeed. Basically, people often like to see cute animals, especially when they do something unusual. Such as videos of sleeping cats or funny actions of dogs.

However, there are still a lot of videos with more serious content. Such as videos about the animal world, … Let’s imitate how to make youtube video content the same way that big channels do


I have not listed music videos in the list of these 11 types of videos, but I have to mention the type of game tutorial videos. Young people are the most popular game players on youtube. Therefore, it is not surprising that thousands of YouTube channels talk about gaming.

Minecraft alone is popular enough to have a website for listing over 1,000 YouTube channels for Minecraft games.


A popular game-related video type is making instructional-style video content and especially if making videos directed to foreign content.

In the video, the player plays the game while making a comment while playing.


There are 3 basic learning methods:

  • Intuitive (by visualization)
  • Hearing (by listening)
  • Kinetics (by doing)

Most people often combine this method to work. However, one method is always more effective and easier than the other two.


It is difficult to guide someone dynamically through video. But it is the perfect method for those who love to experience both visual and auditory trends.

You can easily find countless videos on “How to …” on Youtube. These videos provide information and instructions on how to help you realize almost anything.

Making YouTube content with these videos has the advantage of content like the “evergreen content” – knowledge that has long-term value. Therefore, there is only one reason that this type of video “expires”. That is the knowledge instructed in the “outdated” video.


There is a growing type of video. That’s when users tend to search for product reviews on the Internet. Especially, when the era of online shopping is booming. They want to know other people’s comments/reviews about the products they are interested in.

YouTube is no exception! People flock to the youtube channels of people they trust. To review what that person thinks of the products they are considering using.

Surveys show that: It is likely that consumers will buy more if they see a positive review of the product on the Internet.

Obviously, this also depends on the true quality of the product. But YouTube is the perfect way to bring products closer to users.

As a result, customers can easily understand more about the product to be reviewed.



The fact that people are more interested in the rumors of celebrities is nothing new. That is why tabloid writing around these issues is growing. And cable channels focusing on these topics also appear more.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that people go to YouTube to update video content around the rumors of famous or influential people they care about.


Of course, most of these videos come from tabloid newspapers. And do you think you should fully trust what you hear in these videos?


A blog (short for weblog) is a type of diary on the Internet. In fact, the content of the blog is very diverse.

For example, it could simply be someone’s breakfast articles. Or just the achievements of the day that one wants to share. And my blog is as simple as sharing the SEO Marketing knowledge I have learned and applied.

And Vlog is the same function as blogs but presented in video form.


Of course, vlogs on YouTube are somewhat more lively and interesting. It’s almost like a reality show – the real experience of vloggers. Therefore, this type of video attracts a large number of viewers and interaction levels. Try to reference how to make YouTube content this way.


This is also a popular form of YouTube video content today. Quite a lot of people make comedic or behind-the-scenes videos that interest viewers.


Of course, each will have their own taste, favorite different comedy style. For example, humorous, satirical, or satirical comedy, etc. Therefore, whether a comedy video has a lot of views or not depends on each person’s preferences.

Usually, comedy channels on YouTube have a lot more viewers than comedy shows on TV.

To create content for videos that attract viewers, update the trend and create videos in your own style. At this point, you will be able to create a loyal fan base for you.


Unboxing videos emerged as a phenomenon of the 21st Century. This type of video attracts a large number of viewers to see someone unpack a new product from the box!

This is an extension of a product review video. Because in fact, this type of video content revolves around the process of buying, using and evaluating products.

In general, the love for this type of video is like the enjoyment of someone receiving a birthday gift. Because viewers will feel eager, curious and predict what is inside of the product packaging.

This video type is similar to the product review video format. The content of boxed videos can also greatly influence consumer decisions.

For example, the video of a person unpacking a newly launched phone. Viewers will be excited to watch:

  • How is this mobile phone in hand?
  • What accessories are included in the box?
  • What new feature of the phone?

If the phone is well-reviewed, viewers tend to trust and buy the product right away.


I have separated educational videos into a separate category, different from the instructional video “How to …”. Although both contents is educational.

Because these two types of videos are vast enough to be separated.

For example, videos of some popular educational YouTube channels like TED or National Geographic. In addition, many other small and medium businesses share educational videos on their websites. And my YouTube channel is also this educational video – sharing knowledge about SEO Marketing for the SEO community.

Another type of educational video channel mainly creates educational videos for young children and students. This type of video often stimulates thinking and attracts viewers – which is the younger audience here.

Especially there is a kind of educational YouTube video content called “evergreen” content. This type of video content tends to bring in value throughout, attracts many viewers every year and makes it easy for them to come back and watch the video again and again.

The content of this video only really “dies” when … the knowledge and educational values ​​in the video are no longer relevant to the present.


You can simply understand parodies are adapted videos. That is, video content composed based on available materials, is currently very popular online. For example, imitating lyrics, movies, shows, … in a funny way.

Despite specializing in humor and parodies of everything is trending, Parody still counts as a separate type of YouTube video.

However, this is one of the most difficult video types to make. Because the boundary between a good parody and a parody that doesn’t connect to the audience is very fragile. And it would be even better if you make parody videos geared towards foreign content



Did you know the American comedy show Jackass? This is a series of prank videos that attract a large audience because of its humor. In many ways, Jackass is considered a precursor pranks on YouTube.

This type of YouTube content revolves around jokes, practical pranks. Revolve around friends, family or someone in society. And the participants do not always feel comfortable with the joke. However, it cannot be denied that this is the element that attracts viewers.

However, the content of this video type is very controversial. So, if your business wants to use this prank channel to attract viewers, what you need to do is …

Make sure there is a link between the value of your business and the prank content.



11 ideas of video content have brought success to a lot of people on YouTube and now, it’s your turn. Don’t hesitate anymore! Take action now! Pick the topic you are interested most and start editing then uploading. I understand you probably face a lot of challenges out there but you will learn and improve significantly from them. Just get ready and make it!

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