Video Dashboard Review:-Create stunning Videos for your business.

Video Dashboard review

Video Dashboard has some pretty cool technologies that make it simple for folk to research the latest trends and then create videos on those topics for various platforms.

Today we will be looking at the latest release by Paul Ponna.

I’ll take you through it, I’ll show you how to use it, and I’ll introduce you to, by far, the best bonus package available for Video Dashboard.

So let’s get going with this Video dashboard review,

Video Dashboard Review

Okay. So before we actually look inside of a Video Dashboard, I want to say a couple of things very briefly.

First and foremost, yes, I get it.

There are so many video creation software or video-related software that get released time after time.

The problem is, video, like anything, is continually evolving.

Technology is improving.

And product creators stay on top of these trends by continually providing you better quality software.

Some of this software, of course, get left, they don’t get supported.

Now, this particular software, Video Dashboard, is by a guy called Paul Ponna.

You probably know who Paul is.

Now, whatever your experiences are, for me, it’s always been positive.

He’s been very responsive, very friendly, and I know from experience he supports his products, he adds to them, they’re not buggy or glitchy.

There’s a lot of money that gets poured into these projects, but he’s around for the long term.

His software that he’s created years ago still work, still have fans, and they’re still highly recommended

Time to see look inside:

Video Dashboard Review Video

Watch The Powerful Demo To Discover The Limitless Possibilities
 To Grow Your Business And Results With VideoDashboard!

This is the only software that actually integrates directly with TikTok.

Now, you may or may not be on TikTok, or may even not know much about it.

I’ve got an article here all about TikTok marketing.

Like it or not, it’s massive.

It’s growing.

And there’s huge potential there if you know how to tap into it.

But just like other things, with YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, video is everywhere, it’s here to stay, but you do need to have the right quality tools to take advantage.

Video Dashboard Review: Features From the JV Page:

After logging on, you see this dashboard screen.

From here you can look at the features and choose what you want.

  1. i)  Trending Market Pulse Finder Technology
    Find the CURRENT hottest and trending content online.
    Discover the hottest market trends for social posts from Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and YouTube inside ONE dashboard.

Make videos on the trending topics/niches, rank higher on the search engines by utilizing the trending hashtags, model after influencer viral content/social posts/videos already getting millions of views!

The first thing you’ll note when you log in, is you can see can see what’s trending on Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit.

Now, perfectly honest, I think this part is a little bit gimmicky when it comes to Twitter or Instagram.

If I click on Twitter, we can search for what’s trending on Twitter in specific global locations.

So if I put London, UK, which is where I used to live before I moved over here to Japan, I can see what’s trending.

And we get these different things.

But my first impression is, “So what? How does that help me?”

I mean, I can make posts about Kirk Douglas if I want, I can make posts about Mitt Romney, but I didn’t really see how that could affect me.

So this part, I didn’t really get. I thought this was a little bit of a gimmick.

Maybe to add perceived value, but not something that anybody would use.

Trending on Reddit I LOVED.


As we can see what’s trending on Reddit for different themes.

So, for example, if I put yoga and hit the magnifying class, I can actually then go to these different posts on Reddit, read through them, and if I have a yoga blog, a yoga niche site or a yoga YouTube channel, I can create videos based upon the research that I do on some of these things.

I thought the YouTube creative commons function was fine, but you can do this for free anyway

ii) Social Video Calendar 

* Fully populated social calendar with ready-made videos for 365 days a year!
* Publish ready-made videos every single day to your social accounts to boost brand and engagement.
* Customize the videos with your logos, text, and images!

Video Dashboard Review

I really loved this.

A new video template everyday that you can edit is insane value.

You won’t need them all but some really good stuff here.

But I like to think out side of the box so I have other ideas for the calendar.

iii) Powerful Video Maker For All Top Social Platforms –
* Ready-made video templates for Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin.
* Ability to upload your own videos and edit!
* All templates have the correct size (aspect ratio).

* Change the text, images, and backgrounds.
* Add your own logos and call-to-actions. 

What’s not to love with this.

Templates set to the correct aspect ration (size) for the platform in question that you nca edit really easily.

No tech hassles.

Then render, download and use.

Just would like to have seen more templates so grab OTO 2 for sure.

iv) Traffic Generation Video Publishing App – 

Publish your content to 11 of the hottest social platforms from ONE dashboard.

Get traffic from integrated platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Medium, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Reddit.

Video Dashboard Review

* Publish immediately or schedule days or months in advance!

Scheduling posts on all the various social media is not hard but it does take time.

Being able to do this from a computer is such a lifesaver.

For Instagram and TikTok, you’ll still need an app though but for the rest you can use this.

NOTE: To schedule to TikTok or Instagram, you will need to download a FREE mobile App called VD HUB and login with your Video Dashboard credentials.
There’s full training inside on this.

These are some of the Pinterest templates:

Video Dashboard Review

So, you have seen the features and my thoughts, now let’s look at the funnel.

Video Dashboard Funnel

The below details were taken from the JV page

OTO1: VideoDashboard Whitelabel Upgrade

($97 One-Time)

* Fully Whitelabel the app with your own logo and branding.
* Sell and keep 100% of the profits.
* Create UNLIMITED Whitelabel accounts. 

  • Manage all your client social accounts from one dashboard/sub-account and publish to 11 different social platforms. 
  • Offer full-service brand management services and charge for your services using our built-in brand manager. 
  • Whitelabel solution includes access to: 
  1. i) Social Video Calendar filled with 365 done-for-you videos.
  2. ii) Template banks to create videos with ease for multiple platforms already resized for the specific social platforms.

iii) Complete syndication suite to syndicate their videos to 11 different platforms including FB, Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Medium, Pinterest, and Reddit. (The biggest syndication suite available in any app)

OTO2: 100 Premium Templates + VideoRemakr App

($67 One-Time)

  1. i) 100 additional premium video templates – for Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin.
    * Templates are resized for the specific platforms so no additional editing is needed.
    * Customize the templates, add logos, change text and more!
  2. ii) Access To vidRemaker App –
    i)  Video Repurposer: Convert any video to square videos, meme videos and all the popular social media video formats that are proven to get more engagement, clicks, and sales.
    * Create extra long videos with no length limits.

* Spice up old and boring videos with text effects, lower third, emojis, and more cool features.  

ii) Merge Videos:

Merge multiple smaller videos created with the app or your old videos and create a long video.

Create sparkling new long videos from short royalty-free clips.

Repurpose videos from youtube and create a unique video.

iii) Video Speed Changer:

Speed up or slow down videos to make them more captivating. 

Shorten long videos into smaller videos without losing quality. Attention span is limited, so if you have a longer video this is an easy way to make videos shorter. 

OTO3: VideoDashboard Portfolio Site Builder

($47 One-Time)

Create UNLIMITED personalized portfolio sites to showcase all your videos / social calendar.

Customize the site for the client with their logo and a personalized message to turn visitors into paying clients.

Built-in conversion technologies – features a powerful sales video that helps sell your social media and traffic generation services. 

It can create unlimited sites for UNLIMITED clients. 

OTO4: VideoDashboard Deluxe Interactive Videos

($37 One-Time)

Interactive Videos – Create powerful interactive videos with buy buttons, links, opt-in-forms, and call-to-actions.

Time Triggers – Showcase the call-to-actions at start, end or at any time stamp in the video.

Content Locking Technology – Built-in to encourage visitors to take action and boost traffic, leads, and sales.

Magic Share URL – Share the interactive videos on any social media platforms or emails to maximize results!

Personalization – to add custom messages, logos on the Magic Share page to boost conversions!

Some Sample Videos I made:

  1. For a FB video Clickbank offer. Note, I did not change the images, music, etc and used the basic fonts. I just added the last screen. It took under 1 minute.

Video Player00:0000:15

2. The Interactive Video Click here to see that I hope you liked this Video Dashboard review and pls leave any questions below in the comments section.

Now, what to do next?

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Want some amazing bonuses to go along with your purchase of Video Dashboard?  When you buy Video Dashboard through the links on the page, you will also get access to all these bonuses on your JVZoo download page..

Video Dashboard Training

To ensure your success, Pau Ponna, Sid Diwar, and the VideoDashboard team is giving you access to exclusive VIP mentorship and training calls where you can get all your questions and get your issues resolved.

Some top-secret strategies and case studies will be revealed on the LIVE calls. Copy the success blueprints revealed on the webinar to grow your traffic, leads, and sales with VideoDashboard. Never be stuck or left behind!

Video Thumbnail Maker

Skyrocket your click-throughs and video views using this newbie-friendly video thumbnail maker app!

Attract more customers to your videos and boost traffic, leads, and sales. Perfect to get more results with the video you create with Video Dashboard.

video logo creator

Create professional eye-catching logos and sell them to local businesses for $300 to $500 or integrate them with your VideoDashboard videos in seconds!

The unique built-in “artificial intelligence” engine that automatically finds the relevant icons, images & fonts and then generates dozens of variations of your logos in minutes. Select the one you like and download!

It perfectly integrates with VideoDashboard. Just import the logos created by the AI Logo Creator into VideoDashboard and add it to your video templates.

Find content from the HOTTEST niches without writing a single word!

The content engine comes with a library of 80,000 content pieces from all the HOT niches. You can convert this content into engaging voiceovers and add them to your videos inside VideoDashboard.

You can also use the content for your blog posts, videos, and emails to get traffic, leads, and sales!

Find content from the HOTTEST niches without writing a single word!

Content engine comes with a library 80,000 content pieces from all the HOT niches. You can convert this content into engaging voiceovers and add them to your videos inside VideoDashboard.

You can also use the content for your blog posts, videos, and emails to get traffic, leads, and sales!

Instantly find all the most profitable FB ads and video campaigns in seconds from your newsfeed. Clone them ads using the built-in video templates inside VideoDashboard for ultimate results without spending hours on research or copywriting.

This app instantly puts you on the fast track to success. This is a massive time saver when it comes to finding and creating your own high converting FB ads and video ads!

Stop paying hundreds of dollars to get professional voice overs recorded.

Use these 22 professional call-to-action voices in your videos inside VideoDashboard to crush your competition and close more sales!

Stop wasting time and money searching and paying hefty fees to find music tracks for your videos.

Use this royalty-free music library that’s integrated with VideoDashboard to spice up any video and explode your results…AND MORE

BONUS #1 – 10 Weeks of VideoDashboard VIP Webinar Training ($997)
BONUS #2- Video Thumbnail Maker App ($67 Value)
BONUS #3 – Artificial Intelligence Logo Creator ($67 Value)
BONUS #4 – 80,000 Content Engine Library ($97 Value)
BONUS #5 – Video Agency Website ($297 Value)
BONUS #6 – Campaign Cloner Software – Commercial License ($497 Value)
BONUS #7 – 20 Call-To-Action Professional Voiceovers ($197 Value)
BONUS #8 – Done-For-You Call-To-Action Sales Scripts ($197 Value)
Bonus #9- Royalty-Free Music Tracks ($197 Value)
Bonus #10- HD Stock Video Bundle ($197 Value)

Bonus Delivery – After purchasing through a link on this page, email your order receipt to with the title “BONUS REQUEST” along with the names of the bonuses to get access.


I was hesitant to spend time looking at this as I thought, here we go, yet another video creation tool but boy am I glad I did.

There is literally NOTHING like this on the market and it’s by a team who support stuff and keep things up to date.

I would buy as much as I could afford, but definitely OTO 2. 

OTO 1 will get you software that YOU can BRAND and sell as your own.

Like all good tools though, they are only as good as the person using them.

This is where my bonus comes in and this will be THE BEST BONUS deal around.

I don’t care if Frank is teaming up with Grant, this bonus is the one.

Details below but YOU MUST clear cookies before you click.

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